The Archives of Linnell Publications
- telling the truth about drugs.

In March 1985 I answered an advert in The Guardian. A small drugs charity based in Manchester was looking for an artist. Nobody was really sure why the charity wanted to employ an artist, even at the time, but they gave the job to me. Thirty years later, after creating a range of largely self-financed, internationally acclaimed and at times notorious drug campaigns for the most marginalized and stigmatised sections of society, the charity and I parted company.


This is the archive of some of the work I created during that thirty-year period. Although I had the privilege of working with a small number of writers, researchers and designers over the years, economic necessity meant I did most of the work myself: researching; writing; drawing; designing etc. Some of the publications in this archive have been out of print for decades, many were produced before the age of desk top publishing and the internet and have been scanned from the original pen and ink artwork to appear in digital form for the very first time.


Enjoy, but be warned, many of the publications are still just as gloriously rude, vulgar and likely to offend as when they were first created.

Telling The Truth About Drugs - Linnell Publications Archive
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