Safer Dancing and Claire and Jose
1992 - 2002


In the early 1990’s as a way of distributing the ‘Peanut Pete’ leaflets and to give us an idea of what was going on we had drug workers and volunteers who worked in nightclubs and at ‘raves’. This led to a campaign of harm reduction information, policy and training around nightclub drug use that we produced with Manchester City Council, which we called ‘Safer Dancing’. The Safer Dancing Campaign was hugely influential, despite a serious lack of funds, and became the blueprint for the many initiatives that sprang up in both the UK and internationally. Pete’s success also led to spin offs such as the ‘Claire and Jose’ leaflets.


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Safer Dancing & Claire and Jose - Archive
The Safer Dancing Poster 1993 Claire and Jose get off their Cake. 1994 Claire and Jose in The 'E' Plan Diet. 1994
Claire and Jose. Mr Wonderful. 1994 Safer Dancing Poster 2 (Another Dose with Knobs On) 1995 Safer Dancing Guidelines 1995
The first international Safer Dancing Conference 1995 How to go out drinking in Manchester without getting the tripe beaten out of you. 1999 The fabulous poly-drug use weekend experience (poster). 2002