Smack in the Eye and the one colour leaflets 1987 - 1993


Before the days of the internet, drug information in Britain consisted of a couple of booklets for professionals and about three leaflets for drug users produced by the handful of drug services that existed at the time. In the mid 1980’s, HIV/AIDS emerged as a threat to injectors - in response a few (at the time technically illegal) needle exchanges, were opened in the UK. Into this brave new world came one of the first and certainly the rudest harm reduction publication anyone had ever seen - ‘Smack in the Eye’ (SITE)


SITE, ran from 1987 until 1993 (nine issues, plus a ‘Best of - Bumper Fun Album’). Many of the cartoon strips from SITE, ‘Grandpa Smack-Head Jones’, ‘Tough Shit Tomas’ etc were turned into leaflets in there own right, while ‘Peanut Pete’ had his own publications from the start, but appeared as a guest in later issues of SITE.


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SITE: Smack in the Eye and the one colour leaflets 1987 -1993
SITE Issue 1 (the pilot issue) 1987 SITE Issue 2 1988 SITE Issue 3 1989
SITE Issue 4 1989 SITE Issue 5 1990 SITE Issue 6 1991
SITE Issue 7 1992 SITE Issue 8 1992 SITE Issue 9 1993