UK Drug Watch

UK DrugWatch is an informal online Professional Information Network (PIN). UK DrugWatch was set up in November 2010 by a group of professionals working in the UK drugs sector. The group was established in light of the lack of useful information around the 2010 heroin drought, the rise of NPS and the subsequent plethora of random, often inaccurate drug alerts/warnings.

The aim of the group is to raise/establish standards for drug information, alerts and warnings. It is currently an unfunded, bottom-up initiative that works in the spirit of mutual co-operation.



Local Early Warning Systems and Downloadable Resources

UK DrugWatch members have produced a number of information briefings and other resources for professionals (some available to download from this page) and have provided advice around numerous NPS and adulterated ‘traditional’ drug incidences. It also acts as an advisory body to a number of other professional information networks and the pilot of the Salford Drug EWS. A model for Local Drug Early Warning Systems is available here. This model is current being developed across the North of England.



DrugWatch Forum

UK DrugWatch is a closed group that feeds into a number of different information exchange networks. The Drug Watch Forum is a group of professionals who share information on new and adulterated drugs and is free and open to all professionals to join. For further details contact Michael Linnell.



UK DrugWatch (Board)


Michael Linnell - Linnell Communications/
DrugWatch co-ordinator

Harry Shapiro - Drugscope
John Ramsey - TicTac
Annette Dale Perera - NHS /
Club Drug Clinic London.

Neil Hunt - Independent Consultant
Danny Morris - UKHRA & Independent Consultant
Kevin Flemen - KFX
Katy McLeod - Scottish Drugs Forum
Austin Smith - Scottish Drugs Forum
Michael Lawrence - CRI
Mark Adley - North Tyneside YOS
Nigel Brunston - Injection Advice/HIT
Josie Smith - Public Health Wales
Rob Barker - Sands CYMRU
Iain CameronBelfast Drug Outreach
Chris RintoulCouncil for Homeless N.I.
Basak Tas - Release

Local Early Warning System - Model
Nitrous oxide Psychoactive Substances Bill
Potent Synthetic Cannabinoids GHB/GBL MPA
AMT Drugs and the brain Overdose & emergencies