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Here is a collection of research reports and articles on the production of some of the information products in the archive. A number of other reports and evaluations are mentioned in the archive section, which I simply don’t have digital versions or was not written up. However, I hope this selection, some previously unpublished, is of use to those looking to develop information products or have an interest in the subject.


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Mc Dermott's Guides 1993-2000 - Archive

1. Wobbled Up (2010)
The illicit use of Diazepam in Redcar
Initial research designed to inform an awareness campaign.
Dr R Newcombe, 2010. Produced for Wobbly Stan film

2. Mephedrone (2009)
The Use of Mephedrone (M-cat, Meow) in Middlesbrough
Dr R Newcombe, 2009. Produced for Mephedrone FAQ.

4. Simple Safer Shooting Cards (2008)
Assessment of viability and usability among staff and clients of Salford Drug Service
Dr R Newcombe, 2008. Produced for the Simple Safer Shooting Cards

5. Out of Your Head Guides (2007)
Article from Drink and Drugs News on ‘Out of Your Head Guides’
& University of Salford link:Street drugs, alcohol and mental health – what helps?
Produced for the ‘Out of Your Head Guides’.

6. Multi-Drug Injecting in Manchester (2006)
A survey of 100 injecting drug users attending Lifeline Needle Exchange Scheme in 2006
Dr. R Newcombe, 2007. Produced for the Speedball (booklet)

7. Salford Rocks (2006)
A short report on the background to the ‘Two Charlie’s’ research
M.Linnell and Zoe (Smith) Welch, 2006. Produced for the Two Charlie’s booklet.

8. Communications for the Future (2001)
Communications for the Future. The drugs information needs of three groupsof vulnerable young people
M. Linnell et al, 2001. Produced guides for homeless heroin users, injection box, overdose policy. Leaflets ‘Out of Jail’, ‘Polishing Your Nails.

10. SMACK IN THE EYE (1993)
Smack in the Eye: An evaluation of a harm reduction comic for drug users
Michael Linnell, 1993. Produced for Smack in the Eye.