Steroids and PIEDs (Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs)


Anabolic steroids are drugs used to enhance the bodybuilding process. The term PIEDs (Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs) is one of a number used to describe other non-psychoactive drugs used for non-medical purposes. These include other drugs used by bodybuilders as well as sex drugs, ‘smart’ drugs and drugs used for cosmetic purposes such as Botox.


Needle exchanges in the UK were set up in the late 1980’s in response to the threat of HIV among heroin injectors. These days many have more steroid than heroin users attending. Because of the success of needle exchanges, rates of HIV among UK heroin injectors are remarkably low. Rates of HIV among steroid injectors are now equal to that of heroin injectors.


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Steroids and PIEDs (Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs)
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