McDermott’s Guides 1993-2000


There is a long tradition of drug users writing about drugs going back to Thomas DeQuincey, however, it still raised a few eyebrows when in 1993 we commissioned a heroin user to write about heroin. We wanted to produce something that would be credible to older experienced users and be entertaining enough for them to want to pick up and read.


The author, as the original blurb in the guides said, “had a background in drugs research that has embraced both formal and informal styles of data collection. After many years experience of using drug services, he is (was at the time) editor of The International Journal of Drug Policy”.


Peter McDermott wrote for us on and off for a number of years (whenever he felt like it), writing the McDermott Guides and other publications such as ‘The Big Blue Book of Sex’, and acting as our technical consultant on injecting. He became somewhat of a legend in the early online drug user movement.


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