Peanut Pete 1990 – 1993 (plus a few comebacks)


By 1990 the ‘Acid House’ (Rave) scene was flourishing among a group of young people using LSD, amphetamine and ecstasy to get off their trumpet and dance all night to electronic music. We recognized that there was an urgent, unmet need for accurate harm reduction advice for this group (the internet was still a way off).


One of the first young ecstasy users who came into the charity became the model for ‘Peanut Pete’, who featured in a number of different publications and went on to become something of a legend among ecstasy users of a certain age. Incidentally, this young man did have a big nose, a head shaped vaguely like a peanut and his baseball cap on the wrong way around, but I don’t think that was particularly fashionable in Manchester, even back then.


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Peanut Pete 1990 – 1993 (plus a few comebacks)
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