The Lads Go Mad in Amsterdam 1993


Skunk has of course now been a popular drug in the UK for many years. Skunk, a strong cannabis hybrid, was first produced in California in the late 1970’s, and by the late 1980’s was being grown and sold in Amsterdam. The European Cup Winner’s Cup final (1991) saw Manchester United beating Barcelona in Rotterdam. This event saw thousands of ‘United’ fans staying in nearby Amsterdam and sampling skunk for the very first time. We even produced an advert for the United team photo that year featuring Pete on his way back from the game and a poster 'High in the ‘E;’ stand', which was originally a 10 feet high hand drawn display for an exhibition on football fans and drugs.


By the time ‘The Lads Go Mad in Amsterdam’ was written, there were at least three ‘Magic Bus’ coach trips full of ‘Skunk hungry’ Mancunians heading to Amsterdam every week.


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The Lads Go Mad in Amsterdam 1993
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