Too Damn Hot! 1992


One of the first people in Britain to die from ecstasy use was a young girl in a nightclub in Manchester. Manchester was at the time christened ‘Madchester’ by the press because of its association with the rave scene. Nobody really knew why the handful of tragic deaths had occurred until we heard that a toxicologist (the late Dr. John Henry) thought the deaths were due to overheating.


We managed to get hold of his (at the time unpublished) research and produced ‘Too Damn Hot’ - containing the first ever warnings to ecstasy users about overheating. To write the leaflet I read the only books I could find (remember this was before the days of the internet), which were about heatstroke in the topics and had based the advice about drinking a ‘pint of water an hour’ on this. Many people ‘borrowed’ this advice from us without doing their own research (including a government radio campaign) but unlike us they said ‘drink loads’ of water. Years later after the death of Leah Betts from drinking excessive amounts of water, I was glad I had included that line. I spent the week her photograph was plastered all over the newspapers doing countless interviews with the media (over 50) and making sure I had got the advice right advice in the first place. We included warnings about drinking too much in later versions of the leaflet.


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Too Damn Hot! 1992
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