Pete featured in the ‘Safer Dancing campaign’ 1992 -1995 and made guest appearances in a number of other Lifeline Publications, such as ‘The Big Blue Book of Dance Drugs' 1992 (cover only), ‘Dr. Nuke’s Potology' 1995 (cover only), and in a leaflet originally called ‘Everything you wanted to know about cannabis but were afraid to ask your kids’ 1992. But the ‘Lads go Mad’ was intended to be Pete’s last adventure.


Then in 1997 when working with a group of young Offenders in HMYOI Thorn Cross, Pete returned because the young prisoners had specifically requested he star in the leaflet we were working on. And so Pete finally got sent to jail to do his ‘RIP’ (dead time in prison slang).


Some of the story line was later used as a pilot for a CGI animated Peanut Pete TV series. This along with numerous other planned Peanut Pete films, never got the green light, but a two-minute trailer was released. (Getting Out 2008,

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Do Your RIP 1997
A Trip Around Manchester 1990 The Drug Laws featuring Peanut Pete 1990 'E' By Gum 1991
Paranoia and the Don't Care Bears 1991 Where's me Slippers? 1992 Too Damn Hot! 1992
In The Zone 1992 The Lads Go Mad in Amsterdam 1993 Do Your RIP 1997
Planet Ketamine 2000