A Trip Around Manchester 1990


Our first leaflets for the ‘Acid House’ scene were small text leaflets (only the covers are here) and an adapted version of ‘Tough Shit Thomas’, ‘Call the Cops’. By 1990 we made a conscious attempt to copy the success of Smack in the Eye and produce something for an audience of drug users who were very different from our existing client group of (mainly) heroin injectors. This new group would not have been seen dead at a drug service, as they perceived drug services to be ‘just for junkies’.


Peanut Pete was based on one of the first of this ‘new’ group who came into the project and his first adventure describes an acid fueled romp around the city centre of Manchester ‘A Trip around Manchester’.


They were originally distributed at record shops and hairdressers in Manchester and given out by our workers and volunteers at raves. They became an instant success, so we started to sell them to other services, which funded our work and allowed us to keep our editorial independence and produce more stuff. We also produced a number of versions of the ‘Trip around. .’ leaflets for other towns and cities (send me in a scan if you have any of these).


The leaflets were simply drawn in pen and printed on coloured paper. This was both a way to distinguish between leaflets and to make it difficult for people photocopying them (selling them was the only income to pay our costs and fund staff that we had). We present them here with the original coloured covers, but we have toned down the shade of the cartoon strips to make them easier to see.


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> Peanut Pete - The Rave Years

A Trip Around Manchester 1990
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