Steroid Campaign 2013


In 2013 I was asked to produce a campaign for steroid and PIED users in the North East. The aim of the campaign was to advertise services. Gyms were reluctant to put up poster advertising needle exchanges and specialist services, but were much more willing to put up campaign posters.


The campaign features messages that older more experience user thought appropriate to give to younger ones. With the help of Joe Kean, over 80 steroid users were interviewed and the resultant messages were used on a series of postcards and large format posters. We sourced a sympathetic professional photographer (a former competitive bodybuilder himself) to take pictures of some of the service users who had taken part in the research. ‘Young’, who are now an award winning animation company, designed the materials.


The following year the materials were adapted and used by Public Health Wales for a Welsh national campaign.


> Read the postcards online


> View the posters online


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Steroid Campaign 2013
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