Steroids - Hardcore Info 1995


At some point most of my work has been banned. In 1994 a nurse who worked in a needle exchange in North East England approached me. John Baines had originally written a guide for the clients of his needle exchange, over half of who were steroid and PIED users. The guide was never published as the local health authority lawyers were worried and had banned it. Naturally, I felt a publication on drugs that had already been banned was ideal to enhance our ever-growing catalogue of publications.


I had learned a lesson from the Locker Room Lenny cartoon and did some designs and enhanced the text before recruiting some members of the underground steroid community to take it around to gyms and see if both the content and style would appeal to the target audience.


The leaflet was a huge success and although the content has been updated numerous times is still in print 20 years later.


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Steroids - Hardcore Info 1995
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