Injecting Postcards 2010 - 2013


A number of injection postcards aimed at Steroid and PIED users were produced for services. I designed the Injecting under the skin postcard with the help of specialist workers in needle exchanges and in response to the large numbers of bodybuilders and young women who were injecting Melanotan to give themselves a suntan.


Although a modest looking piece of work, the current steroid injection postcard took a considerable amount of work. It was produced to be compliant with the Information Standard which we had recently been awarded. The difficulty with steroids and PIEDs and injecting them in particular was the lack of an evidence base. To get around this I met with specialist workers and academics and we set up a national online forum for professionals - The PIED Forum. Once this was up and running the postcard was designed by utilising the vast body of experience and expertise within this group. The PIED Forum has flourished and has expanded to incorporate expertise from the USA. It was set up and operates without funding and is open to any professional who works with steroid and PIED users (contact for an invite to PIED Forum:


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Injecting Postcards 2010 - 2013
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