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The work in this archive was produced for a national drugs charity. A publications department was set up after the success of ‘Smack in the Eye’ in the mid 1980’s. The department in all its various guises survived for nearly 30 years. It never received any direct public funding and was for the vast majority of that time self-financed through sales of the publications and commissions. This would have been some achievement even for one of the more ‘cuddly charities’. That we did this by producing such uncompromising and challenging works is (I think) quite remarkable.


This is my archive, so obviously focuses on the publications work that I did. I have tried to give credit to those who had a creative input into the production process over the years, but have so far not mentioned the equally important colleagues responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution side of the work. Without their hard work and dedication it would not have been possible to do what we did. Particular thanks are long overdue to Val, Kevin, Rose and Anne.


In 2005 (despite asking for a solid gold watch and not a mawkish tribute) a book was produced to mark 20 years of my working for the drugs charity. It is available here.


Although many of the publications in this archive rely on the use of humour, I always took the work seriously. I never assumed that information alone would lead to behaviour change and never attempted to tell people that they shouldn’t use drugs per se, as I never believed this would prevent anybody using them. To play the game of pretending otherwise may have made the work far more acceptable to those who criticised us, but would have been a lie and would have alienated our target audience of drug users. The publications were first and foremost an attempt to communicate with the target audiences of drug users and to show them as people with all the strengths and weaknesses that make us all human.


To end this archive, I would like to thank those who supported us and purchased the work over the years. To finish here is a letter sent to me by the mother of a young man who had died as a result of his drug use. I have kept the letter and feel that hers should be the final words in this archive.


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Thanks 1985 - 2014
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