Service Promotion 2009


I produced a number of leaflets and posters to directly promote drug services. In the year 2000 I produced a small gatefold leaflet for the needle exchange in Manchester. It was based on a client survey of the things they valued and the Monty Python 'What did the Romans ever do for us' sketch.


Here is a service user leaflet outlining Rights and Responsibilities from 2003. It was written by Peter McDermott, Edited by Kate Griffiths and designed and illustrated by myself.


The main poster is from a series of related materials I produced for a young persons drug service in 2009.


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Service Promotion 2009 Targeted Populations 1997-2010
Gay Men on Drink and Drugs Skin Up & You're Off Alcopopshire poster
VSA - Volatile Substances Abuse / Solvents Drugs - a Guide for Parents Service Promotion
The Heroin Drought Poster Wobbly Stan the Benzo Man Legal Highs - Top Tips for Safer Use