SITE Issue 9 1993


The final issue of SITE featured one of the large number of poems sent in to the letters page after we highlighted one of the most dreadful consequences of drug addiction – the delusion that you can write poetry (‘crapus-poetus’).


It also featured Tough Shit Thomas getting into trouble with rock cocaine, which became ‘On The Rocks’, a strip about needle fixation ‘Needle mania’, and a Locker Room Lenny strip about safer sex ‘Reconstructed Man’.


One strip called ‘The Viruses’ is still in print and has been translated into Greek and Finnish.


A ‘Dark Side of the Spoon’ story about your parents discovering you are a drug user was also produced as a leaflet - called 'How to survive your parents discovering you’re a drug user’. Nearly ten years later this leaflet was used as an example of ‘crossing the line’ in the report by the Home Affairs Select Committee (but that’s a story for later).


This was the last issue of SITE. We stopped because we had started to produce information for other drug scenes and we had only one member of staff (me) researching, writing and illustrating all our booklets, so we just couldn’t do all the other things we wanted to.


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SITE Issue 9 1993
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