SITE Issue 8 1992


Issue 8 featured Tough Shit Thomas discovering the then new drug ‘Skunk’ on a trip to Amsterdam. This later became ‘Skunk Weed Tom’.


A questionnaire with a weekend in Amsterdam as the prize came with the comic. The results of this were published in 1993, along with a theoretical model of the communication process I had developed to explain what we were trying to do. ‘SMACK IN THE EYE: An evaluation of a harm reduction comic for drug users’.


This issue also featured a cartoon strip that was based on something written by an Australian drug user ‘The Dark Side of the Spoon’. This was intended to both laugh at some of the more pretentious practices of TC’s and therapists and at the same time to state clearly they worked for some people.


Another strip called ‘Wild at the Zoo’, took a (rather cynical for the time) look at the meaning of mass methadone prescribing. Although we supported methadone treatment we were careful to look at the pros and cons and neither saw it as a cure-all (as some did at the time) or dismissed it for moral/ideological reasons (as some do now). Two years later (1994) we also published a small booklet called ‘The Methadone Diary’, which was one of the first around the experience of trying to get off methadone.


And finally for a bit of light relief, a ‘photo love’ story using dolls and set in a world after AIDS has destroyed the race of man and woman have taken over the earth, 'The Man with No Bollocks’.


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SITE Issue 8 1992
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