SITE Issue 7 1992


Site 7 featured a Tough Shit Thomas story that became 'On the Piss'. A story worked up with some female sex workers ‘On the beat’. Rude advice from ‘Bob the Opinionated Barber’. A Grandpa Smack-head Jones story that later became ‘Back to Junkie School’ and a safer sex ghost story - ‘Kevin the Pervey Ghost’.


Also of note was the information on ‘Temazepam’. Temazepam capsules had become extremely popular with injectors, so to put a stop to this they reformulated it into a thick gel. This of course was still injected, but caused far more problems and resulted in death and limb loss. Although we never claimed this as ‘hard’ evidence – a number of those who injected temazepam said they changed their injecting behaviour because of this page (see evaluation link in Issue 8, pages 66-69).


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SITE Issue 7 1992
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