SITE Issue 6 1991


Issue 6 featured Tough Shit Thomas in a story that later became the leaflet ‘Get Down that Needle Exchange’, and a Grandpa Smack-head Jones story that became the leaflet ‘In the Right Vein’ plus safer sex tips with ‘Fruity Freddy’..


SITE 6 also featured the first appearance of ‘Peanut Pete’ which was taken from the ‘Paranoia and the Don’t Care Bears’ leaflet. Pete had become popular in his own leaflets so I thought I would include him as some non-injecting drug users also saw the comic.


The ‘safe disposal’ page had featured in many of the comics and was, at the time, considered the best advice on offer. I later changed this advice after various bits of guidance were produced and it became clear that refuse collectors were not so keen on the advice of putting used works in a coke can if you didn’t have a sharps box.


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SITE Issue 6 1991
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