SITE Issue 5 1990


Issue 5 featured the second appearance of ‘Locker Room Lenny’ and one of a series of carton strips that were designed to ‘eroticize’ safer sex - 'Midnight at the Oasis’.


It also featured ‘The SITE Guide to Drugspeak’, an attempt to explain how drug services were changing from an abstinence only philosophy that meant they saw only a tiny number of drug users to a ‘harm reduction’ one, that was open to all drug users even if they were still using – political ideology has shifted several times since then.


Issue 5 was to have originally contained a Tough Shit Thomas story about mixing Cyclizine and methadone. After surveying drug services that bought SITE, we stopped the cartoon after completeing half a page for fear of promoting a relatively isolated but extremely dangerous practice. Mark Gilman wrote an article for Druglink about this, unfortunately we don’t have a digital copy, but (I think) the reference is below.


Pearson G, Gilman M and Traynor P. The limits of intervention. Druglink, May/June 1990: 12-13.


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SITE Issue 5 1990
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