SITE Issue 3 1989


By Issue 3 the comic had become popular (amongst injecting drug users) and we had started to sell it to other services, which paid for the print costs of the next issues. We also set up an editorial board made up of a number of specialist workers and drug users (again quite a novelty in the 1980’s).


Issue 3 had a free gift of a condom (kindly donated by Durex), which we taped on to the 'A-Z of Safer Sex'. At that time another AIDS leaflet had included free condoms, but they had stapled them in to their leaflet – Doh!


One of the strips featured a ‘Tough Shit Thomas’ story that was turned into a leaflet ‘Temazepam Tom’.


We had expected to be attacked by the press, but surprisingly the press attacks came many years later - it was our fellow professionals who both asked the police to arrest us and occasionally wrote to us complaining. These complaints were far out numbered by the fan mail we started to get from drug users and particularly from drug users in prison. Although edited, the letters in SITE were mostly real. An edited version of a real letter appeared in the letters page as ‘Shocked of Surrey’. Here is the original letter.


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SITE Issue 3 1989
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