Uncle Bob 2003


Uncle Bob was produced on the back of the ‘Up 4 Rent’ leaflet for a service in Nottingham. This city had a similar trade in young male street sex workers to Manchester. The publication was aimed at a small group of young vulnerable males. They were often children’s home ‘runaways’ who hung around the male sex scene at night and were befriended/groomed by the ‘Uncle Bob’ types. The first half of the booklet tells a story of how these boys were ‘groomed’ and urges them to get help to get out of the situation. However, morality is rarely as clear as it first appears.


A number of the older male sex workers who had been through this situation still expressed affection for their own ‘Uncle Bobs’. In the words of one, “I’d been fucked one way or another by every adult I’d ever had contact with, at least he gave me drink and drugs and somewhere warm to stay”. It was also apparent from speaking to the older (late teens) male street sex workers that some of this younger group would inevitably be ‘Up 4 rent’ themselves, so the last part of the booklet urges them to protect themselves with some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ found in the ‘Up 4 Rent’ booklet.


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Uncle Bob 2003
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