The Saucy Postcards 2009


The Saucy Postcard campaign was produced for the seaside town of Redcar where the drug service had a needle exchange opposite the beach. They wanted to increase the number of people who came in for hep B vaccination and Hep C testing and the campaign was (in part) responsible for successfully increasing the number tested and vaccinated. The idea was obviously based on the traditional British saucy side-side postcards that were on sale on the sea front by the exchange. The background images are of local ‘beauty spots’, such as the clear view of the steel works from the beach.


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> Sex, Drugs and Blood Borne Viruses

The Saucy Postcards 2009
On the BeatUp 4 Rent Uncle Bob
Banged Up With Hep B Hugo Talking Liver The Saucy Postcards
Bleach Works