Hugo - The man with the talking liver 1999


The Hugo leaflet is about Hepatitis C and injecting drug use. It was original commissioned by a rather straight-laced ‘Liver awareness’ charity, although they later banned their own version of this publication. At one time or another just about every publication I ever did was banned by somebody or another – in fact at the time I always felt as if I hadn’t done a proper job if I produced something and nobody tried to ban it. This was not because I particularly wanted to be outrageous, although it can be quite enjoyable, it is just there are two ways of producing a message: either; you do something that you think will be inoffensive and not upset anybody outside of that target audience; or you do something to appeal to the target audience. I always chose the later.


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> Sex, Drugs and Blood Borne Viruses

Hugo - The man with the talking liver 1999
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