Bleach Works 2012


Bleach Works (animated film)
(3 minutes 15)


Bleach works is a short animated film, made for Prison Health and the NTA as part of the Harm Reduction Works campaign materials. The brief was to produce a “light, positive and optimistic” film . . . about cleaning needles and syringes in a prison cell. The initial pitch of an animated musical number based on ‘Gonna wash that man right outa my hair’, from South Pacific, was rejected as being a little too ‘light, positive and optimistic’.

The film is based on the paintings and prints of Patrick Caulfield. The cleaning the toilet scene is important because there was a stigma about taking bleach tablets from a dispenser as this identified you as an injecting drug user. The promotion of the tablets for use as toilet cleaners made the use of the dispensers acceptable.


The film was written, designed and illustrated by myself. ‘Young’ Design assisted with the typography and it was animated by ‘Box’. View the film here.


Bleach Works is available for sale from Exchange Supplies.


> Sex, Drugs and Blood Borne Viruses

Bleach Works 2012
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Bleach Works