Claire and Jose in The 'E' Plan Diet. 1994


The Claire and Jose leaflets were produced with a group of young women who were recruited at a nightclub through the safer dancing campaign. We met regularly to decide on the story and advice and to get the feel and style of the story right.


‘Claire and Jose get off their Cake’ is a story about competing with ‘the boys’ and overdoing it. 'Claire and Jose in The ‘E’ Plan Diet’ was a story about weight loss on ecstasy and ‘Claire and Jose. Mr. Wonderful’ was a story about ‘ecstasy goggles’ and the dangers of going off with strangers while intoxicated.


The leaflets shown here are the original covers with the original black and white illustrations.


An evaluation of the ‘Claire and Jose’ campaign was conducted by the late Dr Kellie Sherlock, but unfortunately we only have a paper copy.


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Claire and Jose in The 'E' Plan Diet. 1994
The Safer Dancing Poster 1993 Claire and Jose get off their Cake. 1994 Claire and Jose in The 'E' Plan Diet. 1994
Claire and Jose. Mr Wonderful. 1994 Safer Dancing Poster 2 (Another Dose with Knobs On) 1995 Safer Dancing Guidelines 1995
The first international Safer Dancing Conference 1995 How to go out drinking in Manchester without getting the tripe beaten out of you. 1999 The fabulous poly-drug use weekend experience (poster). 2002