The Safer Dancing Poster 1993


The safer dancing campaign evolved out of the leaflet distribution work we were doing in nightclubs. It officially became a campaign when Manchester City Council became involved and gave us a small amount of money to continue this work. Their involvement carried a great deal of influence. For instance, we could complain about the common practice of switching off the taps in club toilets so as to sell more drink, but the council had the clout to threaten closure for anybody club seen to be doing this. However, most clubs were cooperative and became involved in working in partnership.


I originally drew the First Safer Dancing Poster for the Family Foundation’s ‘One Blood’ record in 1992. An album about Manchester nightlife that featured tracks such as ’10 Snidey e’ and ‘Gunchester’. It was changed slightly and coloured in (with pencils) and became the poster for the launch of the ‘Safer Dancing’ campaign.


The poster featured the now famous (among ecstasy using clubbers) Peanut Pete and Reg complaining about the ‘snidey e’s’ (a title of a text based leaflet we had produced).


There was also a set of postcards taken from the poster, with more information on the reverse.


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The Safer Dancing Poster 1993
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