The first international Safer Dancing Conference 1995

By 1995 the Safer Dancing Campaign was of international interest. In that year a report by the European Parliament on the ‘new drug scene’ described the publications in glowing terms:


“I have not come across any better material facing the new (drug) scene in the whole of Europe, than Lifeline’s publications.” Hans Knutagard ‘New Drugs in Europe a report to the Pompidou Group, Council of Europe: Strasbourg. June 1995.


In March of that year we held an international conference in Manchester Town Hall at which the ‘Safer Dancing Guidelines’ were launched. The conference was attended by most of the major club owners in the North West of England (such as The Hacienda and Cream). At this conference Mark Gilman gave a speech that we both turned into a leaflet and used as a slogan “Telling the Truth About Drugs”.


The night time event held with the conference was a lively affair, even Sean Ryder from ‘The Happy Mondays’ turned up. Unfortunately the club it was held it in shut down a couple of weeks later after a gunfight erupted inside. The ‘second summer of love’ was turning nasty.


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The first international Safer Dancing Conference 1995
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