Overdose 2001


Overdose is an occupational hazard for heroin users. Leaving the scene of an overdose without ringing for an ambulance was common. This was largely through fear of being questioned by the police who would automatically turn up to an overdose incident. For an overdose booklet to make an impact we needed to persuade those heroin users witnessing overdoses to stick around and call an ambulance.


The only way I could think of to get around this was to stop the police automatically turning up when an ambulance was called. After considerable ‘negotiation’, I managed to persuade Greater Manchester police and ambulance service to agree to a joint protocol. The police would now only be called if there was a death or an under 16 involved. This protocol was based on a pilot first developed in Nottingham but the Greater Manchester wide protocol was the first working version of its kind anywhere in the country. More details were published in an article I wrote for Druglink magazine.


The booklet was designed and illustrated by Richard Kemplay.


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Overdose 2001
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