Dig 1997


The Dig leaflet is a guide designed to give out at needle exchanges to people who inject heroin. I wrote the text with the help of the needle exchange staff and in consultation with people who inject drugs. The inside photography shows the limbs of a very long-term injector. I remember he rang his mum after I had paid him for his time, as it was the first legal employment he had ever had.


I wanted to create a striking cover image and although the image was Photoshopped to conceal the identity, it was created from a real photograph. It is of a young woman sitting on her doorstep with a syringe in a deliberately provocative pose. The original photograph along with a letter was sent to me as ‘fan mail’.


I wrote, designed and illustrated the Dig leaflet. The photography was by Jinx. There was also a set of posters designed in the early 00’s to compliment this range. Kerry Hilton, at the time a design assistant at the department, did the designs for the poster.


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Dig 1997
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