The Link 2008


The Link was a series of magazines I produced with adult male prisoners on the ‘drug free’ therapeutic community wing of a cat B prison. Prisoners wrote all the stories, apart from the Subutex information. I worked in the jail with a creative writing worker and I designed and illustrated the first issue to stand out from other in-house prison publications. Copies were distributed to every prison in the country. The idea had been to eventually get the prisoners to design, distribute and manage the entire production process of ‘The Link’. Although another issue was produced, this did not happen, as (partly) the editorial team of prisoners I was working with kept getting ‘shipped off’ the ‘drug free wing’ . . . no prizes for guessing what for?


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The Link 2008
Out of Jail The Two Charlies Lickin Shot
Misuse of Drugs Act (Poster) Subutex The Tart, the Mermaid, the Cockfish and the Subutex
The Link Mr Mange Goes Over