Misuse of Drugs Act (Poster) 2006


I have produced various Drug law leaflets over the years and a number of these were turned into posters. The 2006 Drug Law leaflet
featured an accompanying large format poster explaining the Misuse of Drugs Act with an illustration of a monster.


The press release for the leaflet described the Misuse of Drugs Act as a ‘Moloch’ - a mythical demon that demands the sacrifice of its follower’s children.


“The Misuse of Drugs Act is a modern day ‘Moloch’. It ensnares its victims in
‘tentacles of terror’ before feeding them into one of its three slavering mouths. Hundreds of thousands of people are sacrificed - loosing their liberty, dignity and careers – in the belief that this monster protects us from the most dangerous
‘controlled’ drugs”.


Taken from press release. 2006.


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Misuse of Drugs Act (Poster) 2006
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