Lickin Shot 2004


‘Lickin Shot’ (Urban slang for selling drugs) came about after a chance meeting with David Williams, who was working with young black gang members in Manchester. A small group of teenage former gang members were recruited. We met over a six-month period, building trust and teasing the ‘Pinocchio’ style story out of them. They were not keen on my style of drawing or humour, so I showed them work by Astrom Chang, an illustrator who had grown up in a similar environment in Manchester.


I outlined the story of ‘Licking Shot’ based on the research and Astrom drew the strip. I then coloured this in using Photoshop and got some of the young men involved in the research to write the words.


A number of them had recently produced a record based on their experiences ‘Live legal’ and were keen to use the opportunity “Lickin Shot’ presented to publicise the tune. The booklet received a lot of TV, radio and press publicity
and was (to my surprise) even reprinted in a German book teaching English as a foreign language as an example of English urban slang.


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Lickin Shot 2004
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