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Gettin' Out - staring Peanut Pete (2007)
(2 minutes 20)

Peanut Pete was a much-loved character who first appeared in 1990. He featured in a number of publications aimed at those using ‘dance drugs’. Pete was also convicted of supplying drugs and appeared in an adventure entitle ‘Do Your RIP’ set in a young Offenders Institute. Going Out was originally made as a taster for a proposed animated TV series that followed Pete as he leaves jail and came to terms with life on the outside. The full range of Peanut Pete leaflets can be viewed in the archive section.

Gettin’ Out is made in very high quality CGI. This quality of CGI is extremely expensive to make, which is probably one of the reasons the TV series never got made. It is also the reason we developed the much cheaper animation style seen in our other films.


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Gettin' Out Staring Peanut Pete
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